With decades worth of professional sports betting experience, the Sharp Money Pros team brings our clients astounding knowledge and expertise across multiple sports and industries!



JJ Uribe is one of the Co-founders and the Chief Executive Officer of Sharp Money Pros. He has been sports betting since 2008 and moved out to Las Vegas in 2018 to pursue sports betting as a full-time profession. What started as a profitable hobby transformed JJ into a mathematical advantage player in sports betting.

JJ Uribe is currently a Sergeant in the Army Reserve. He has implemented many leadership characteristics and attributes learned in the Army to building businesses and into being a successful professional speculator in the sports betting industry. This skill set has fueled JJ’s passion for training others on how to become profitable sports bettors!

“We bet numbers, not teams” is the everyday mindset for JJ Uribe when scanning the marketplace. He knows that it is easy to become overly opinionated when analyzing matchups. Using data-driven analysis has been one of the main culprits for his success in the sports betting industry. Like every professional speculator, JJ Uribe knows how to handle his losses by having a long-term vision and never letting losses get the best of him.



CP (aka Cody Parker) is one of the Co-founders and Chief of Operations for Sharp Money Pros. CP has played ice hockey both competitively and recreationally for 18 years. His love for all sports, as well as the competitive fire within him, shaped him into what he is today, a professional sports bettor. With 5 years of betting experience, CP has grown to adopt the long-term, data-driven way of betting. This has allowed him and the team to gain better edges than "card counting" at blackjack tables.

CP has a deep passion for the sports betting industry and wants to help others become sharp and successful in the industry themselves. His specialty is hockey. With the long past of playing and continually learning the game, his insight has allowed him to have much success with picking games in hockey. CP is very skilled in all sports, which gives him the ability to research and analyze them with his team and help pick the best bets!

The "long-term investment" mindset has allowed CP to understand how important it is to be patient and less emotional with wins and losses. JJ, Cody, and Nicholas are changing the landscape of the industry and will continue helping sports bettors of all levels of expertise grow their bankroll the best way!



Nicholas grew up in Northern California as an avid sports fan of the Sacramento Kings, Oakland Raiders, and Oakland Athletics. During high school, he would always have side bets with friends regarding the outcomes of big sporting games, which led to a future love of professional sports betting. Upon graduating high school, Nick opened an offshore sportsbook account with Bodog. Over the next several weeks, he started receiving phone calls and voice messages from different services trying to sell him picks. Not knowing any better, Nicholas gave these handicappers a chance. He won some but lost most. This mind-numbing experience was similar to what was documented in the movie "Two For the Money" starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey.

Nicholas bought a costly package from a company back East that still runs today. Unfortunately, that company did not provide the results that they advertised, and it was an expensive lesson for Nicholas and his late father who funded the venture.

Through it all, Nicholas never gave up. He kept honing his skills and spent time learning in sports forums until he realized that there is an art to this industry. In meeting founding member JJ Uribe, Nicholas found someone that bet the right way and treated sports betting like a long-term investment while giving bettors the best mathematical edges against the house. At Sharp Money Pros, Nicholas, JJ, and Cody will continue their goal of creating long-term investor mindsets for their clients for many years to come.